Participant Online Discussions 2023

People participate in sport and recreation in a variety of ways, including playing, competing, and coaching; in administration and as officials; as employees and volunteers; in social through to elite levels.

The Code is intended for everyone, so it’s important that a wide range of people contribute to its development.

We invited a range of participants to join online discussions over a period of three months from September to November 2023. A total of 127 adults and 74 rangatahi participated in the study. They were grouped into eleven focus groups (6 for adults and 5 for rangatahi). Discussions were anonymous with participants being assigned a username instead of using their real name.

Through three rounds of discussion, we were able to identify some of their main aspirations for the Code and test draft extracts with them to see if we were on the right track.

The response has been largely positive, but the participants also made it clear where improvements were needed. For example, some of the feedback reinforced the need for the content to be accessible and easy-to-understand.

More information on this process will be available in early 2024