Integrity Code

One of the tasks of the new Commission is to create a Code of Integrity for Sport and Recreation (the Code). 

The Code will help those involved in sport and recreation to have safe and fair experiences and will set standards for sport and recreation organisations on what ‘good’ looks like. The Code will not be compulsory for organisations to sign up to, and when organisations do sign up, the Commission will help support them to meet those standards. 

We ran a public survey from 28 June to 10 August 2023, asking people to tell us their views about what values and rights should be reflected in the Code, and their opinions about what should happen when bad behaviour occurs in sport and recreation. 

The survey received 2,176 responses. Of these, 323 submitters were from Māori, 96 from Pacific people; 994 from women; 585 from disabled people, 40 from young people/rangatahi, and 134 from people who identified as LGBTQIA+.  

 Fifty two percent of respondents said that they had experienced an integrity issue in sport and recreation. Māori, women and LGBTQIA+ people are over-represented in this group.  

If you or someone you know needs extra support at this time

We encourage you to seek support if you or someone you know needs it. Here is a list of organisations that provide resources and services: Support Services.

What we learned

The public survey results provided insights from a broad range of people who are involved in sport and recreation. Here are some examples of key things for us to keep in mind as the Code is being developed:  

  • The Code needs to be accessible and applicable to both individuals and organisations, and set standards for both.  
  • It will be important to ensure that the Code is visible and understood by participants at club and group level, and not just at national and regional organisation level. 
  • Māori indicated they would prefer to have issues resolved by an independent third party rather than relying on a club or organisation. 
  • Women emphasised the need for the Code to support the reporting and resolution of integrity issues and to create accountability. 
  • LGBTQIA+ people said the Code should have an explicit focus on bullying in clubs and organisations. 
  • The Code needs to be flexible and adaptable across diverse sport and recreation settings. It needs to be clear and simple. People need to be able to see themselves in the Code. 
  • Support is required to implement the Code, with a particular focus on small and volunteer clubs and organisations. 

Read the full report here:

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ITP Public Survey Report Nov 2023